Scientific publications

Context dependence between subdomains in the DNA binding interface of the I-creI homing endonuclease

Grizot S, Duclert A, Thomas S, Duchateau P, Pâques F.
Nucleic Acids Res (2011) 39 (14): 6124-6136.
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Cardiotoxicity testing using pluripotent stem cell-derived human cardiomyocytes and state-of-the-art bioanalytics: a review

Mandenius C.F, Steel D, Noor F, Meyer T, Heinzle E, Asp J, Arain S, Kraushaar U, Bremer S, Class R, Sartipy P.
J Appl Toxicol - 2011 February 16
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Meganucleases and other Tools for Targeted Genome Engineering: Perspectives and Challenges for Gene Therapy

Silva G, Poirot L, Galetto R, Smith J, Montoya G, Duchateau P, Pâques F.
Curr Gene Ther., 2011 February 1;11(1):11-27
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Toward Preclinical Predictive Drug Testing for Metabolism and Hepatotoxicity by Using In Vitro Models Derived from Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Human Cell Lines — A Report on the Vitrocellomics EU-project

Mandenius C-F, Andersson T.B, Alves P.M, Batzl-Hartmann C, Björquist P, Carrondo M.J.T, Chesne C, Coecke S, Edsbagge J, Fredriksson J.M, Gerlach J.C, Heinzle E, Ingelman- Sundberg M, Johansson I, Küppers-Munther B, Müller-Vieira U, Noor F, Zeilinger K.
ATLA 39, 1-25 2011
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Identification of genes regulating gene targeting by a high-throughput screening approach

Delacôte F, Perez C, Guyot V, Mikonio C, Potrel P, Cabaniols JP, Delenda C, Pâques F, Duchateau P.
J Nucleic Acids. 2011; 2011:947212.
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