Commitment to a Cure

Cellectis' gene edited CAR T-cells: how does it work?

Cellectis Allogeneic CAR-T Cells

What's our recipe for gene editing?

TALEN® for Best-In-Class Gene Editing

Cellectis leverages its leadership in gene editing through its flagship technology, TALEN®, which allows the company to create CAR T therapies to bring new hope to cancer patients through broadly available, off-the-shelf therapies. TALEN® has been successfully used in the clinic to solve key challenges with allogeneic CAR T including protection from Graft vs. Host Disease, mitigation of rejection and enhanced safety via the integration of a suicide switch.

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"Off-the-shelf" immunotherapies
that can work for the largest number of patients

Cellectis gene-edits “Chimeric Antigen Receptor” (CAR) T-cells from healthy donors into “off-the-shelf” immunotherapy product candidates that are designed to work for the largest number of patients. It’s the difference between being an off-the-shelf product and a service in which each treatment has to be custom-made. This same technology, developed by Cellectis, could help in designing therapies for many other diseases.

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Strong intellectual property,
global strategic partnerships.

21 years of innovation. 138 patent families. 107 granted patents and 568 applications. Global strategic partnerships with Allogene, Servier, Iovance, and leading universities all over the world.

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