Cellectis’ patent portfolio is one of its most valuable assets.

Cellectis’ patent portfolio is one of its most valuable assets. 

Intellectual property has always played an important role in Cellectis’ history and business strategy, providing the Company with a real competitive edge.

When Cellectis was founded, its business was built on exclusive licenses granted by the Institut Pasteur for patent families addressing the use of homologous recombination and meganuclease-type endonucleases to induce the recombination of DNA.

Today, Cellectis’ patents provide threefold protection by covering the full range of products, product improvements, and product uses found throughout the Company’s business activities.

Cellectis has a rich, diversified intellectual property portfolio comprised of more than 100 patent families, 300 granted patents and 200 patent applications (as of July, 2023). The continued development of these assets and the protection of the Company’s scientific capital are guaranteed by the quality of our science, as well as by actions taken to raise awareness about intellectual property issues. Cellectis also encourages its employees to publish, which in turn contributes to the dissemination and visibility of its scientific expertise worldwide.

Cellectis attaches great importance to the protection of its rights. We are committed to actively defending our technology and intellectual property in a manner respectful of others’ entitlements.