Pfizer’s stake in Cellectis’ capital is welcomed by its Shareholders

Published on July 31, 2014

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July 31, 2014 – Paris (France) – The Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of Cellectis (Alternext: ALCLS) was held on Thursday July 31, 2014 in Paris, at the Group’s headquarters. This meeting had been convened to take a decision on a planned 25,779,047 euros capital increase through the issuance of 2,786,924 new ordinary shares (corresponding to a total par value of 139,346.20 euros) and the suppression of shareholders’  preferential subscription rights in favor of Pfizer.

This planned acquisition of an approximate 10% stake in the capital of Cellectis SA by Pfizer is part of the agreements signed on June 18, 2014 between the two companies as part of their global strategic collaboration in the field of cancer immunotherapy.

This capital increase should allow the company to strengthen its equity and to continue investing in research and development.

At the end of the Meeting, during which more than 45% of voting rights were cast, the two resolutions supported by the Board of Directors received 100% favorable votes. The third resolution, which the Board of Directors had not supported, was rejected.

The actual capital increase is to take place no later than August 15, 2014.
The full results of the vote can be examined on the company’s website (

The Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting provided an opportunity for André Choulika, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, to describe the agreement signed with Pfizer and to explain the Group’s positioning as a key player in the therapeutics field. He also described the part played by Cellectis in the revolution in adoptive cancer immunotherapy, using CAR-bearing T lymphocytes.

André Choulika said: “The strategic agreement reached between Pfizer and Cellectis sets a new phase in our development and helps speeding up innovation and development capacities for both companies synergistically. With this alliance, the aim of Pfizer and Cellectis is – in the mid-term – to provide cancer patients with effective and suitable curative therapeutic solutions”.

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