During this event, our scientists, collaborators, and special guest-speakers provided an inside look into Cellectis’ early-stage product candidates pipeline, and featured our TALEN® gene editing platform, pre-clinical cell therapy programs, as well as a virtual tour of our new manufacturing sites in Paris and Raleigh

Each episode was followed by a live Q&A with Cellectis leaders and KOL’s

Cellectis Innovation Days Schedule

Episode 1: Cellectis’ Allogeneic Product Candidate Portfolio

Monday, May 24th.

As the first company to create gene-edited allogeneic CAR T-cells derived from healthy donors, and successfully administer them to patients, Cellectis has been and remains a pioneer in the cell and gene therapy space. In Episode 1, we share an overview of Cellectis' clinical product pipelines. An update on clinical trials will be provided before the end of the year.

This episode features:

  •  Dr. Carrie Brownstein, MD, Chief Medical Officer
  •  Dr. Mark Frattini, MD, PhD, Senior Vice President of Clinical and Translational Sciences

This presentation is followed by a live-audio Q&A session

Episode 2: The next wave of UCART product candidates

Tuesday, May 25th.

Cellectis has a strong and sophisticated approach regarding gene editing. We use synthetic biology along with cell & gene therapy to fight cancer.Cellectis is involved in 7 clinical trials ; 3 wholly-owned and 4 partnered product trials. Join us for Episode 2, where Cellectis’ Immuno-Oncology and Innovation teams reveal the next wave of UCART products in the Cellectis pipeline, and feature pre-clinical cell therapy programs.

This episode features:

  •  Laurent Poirot, PhD, Senior Vice President, Immunology
  •  Beatriz Aranda-Orgilles, PhD, Team Leader Immuno Oncology
  • Cécile Shiffer-Mannioui, PhD, Senior Project Leader, Process & Analytical Development
  • Shipra Das, PhD, Team Leader, Innovation, Immuno Oncology

This presentation is followed by a live-audio Q&A session

Episode 3: Cellectis: From Bench to Bed

Wednesday, May 26th.

In Episode 3, you will discover Cellectis’ innovation cycle, ‘from bench to bed’; how a new innovative project takes form, is developed and ends up in a patient.

Join us on a virtual visit to all Cellectis sites (New York, Raleigh and Paris) featuring a virtual tour of our newly finished GMP manufacturing facilities. Cellectis scientists provide an inside look into the Company’s earliest-stage, preclinical product candidate pipeline and gene-editing technologies, showing our audience our best-in-class proprietary technologies, within a “one-stop-shop.”

This presentation is followed by a live-audio Q&A session.

Episode 4: The next wave of gene-editing technologies

Thursday, May 27th.

The next generation of cell and gene therapy is explored in-depth in Episode 4, as Cellectis scientists present our best-in-class gene therapy technologies for therapeutic application. We explore how genome engineering is transforming cell therapies, utilizing Cellectis’ proprietary TALEN® and PulseAgile electroporation technology, and more.

This episode features:

  •  Alex Juillerat, PhD, Vice President, Gene Editing, NY Lab Head
  • David Sourdive, PhD, Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Board Director

This presentation is followed by a live-audio Q&A session.

Episode 5: Discover .HEAL

Friday, May 28th.

What if we were able to .HEAL genes? You’re not going to want to miss the answer to this question! Cellectis reveals our next chapter in bringing targeted therapies to patients with unmet medical needs through .HEAL.

This episode features:

  •  Dr. Patrick Hong, PhD, Team Leader, Innovation Gene Editing
  • Julien Valton, PhD, Vice President Gene Therapy
  • Eduard Seclen, PhD, Team Leader
  • Prof. Toni Cathomen, PhD, Professor of Cell and Gene Therapy/Director, Institute for Transfusion Medicine and Gene Therapy/Scientific Director, Ce

This presentation is followed by a live-audio Q&A session.