Editing Life: Faces behind the gene editing revolution

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The Gene Editing Revolution

Looking back on what no one has done before

Before gene editing was formally "named," many scientists were already working within the field, driving a path forward for this revolution to begin.

As we commemorate the remarkable achievements of the gene editing revolution over the past 50 years and as advancements continue to be made, we realize we have only come this far because of what has been accomplished by those who have pioneered this field.

Having said that, there is much more to learn and it is likely that "the best is yet to come."

The work that was started years ago by these pioneers was driven by the desire to understand what they truly cared about in the end -  making people's lives better.

This book features a collection of testimonies from some of the greatest minds in the field. It serves as both recognition and a starting point for the future.

Are you interested in learning more about this revolution? If so, read on!

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Some of The Founding Parents

Who’s who in the story of the gene editing revolution?

The Ongoing Revolution

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