Process Development Technician

Paris, France

Cellectis SA, based in Paris, France, is seeking a Process Development Technician for a permanent contract. This position is focused on the development of manufacturing processes for various cellular products.

Published on September 06, 2018


Within the team, the candidate will be in charge of setting up and carrying out the experiments leading to the validation of the manufacturing process(es) for UCART cellular products. The methods will be developed at the final production scale with all the necessary instruments (bioreactors, cell separators etc.) and will lead to the standard processes that will be implemented for the production of clinical batches.

Required skills

  • Cell culture and other related cellular manipulations.
  • Cell analytical techniques (counting, flow cytometry).
  • Rigor in the work performed according to quality and traceability established standards (familiar with associated computer tools: LIMS, procedures, electronic notebook, or batch records, etc.)
  • Ability to strictly apply procedures, repeat and replicate results.
  • Molecular biology techniques would be a plus.
  • Good written and oral expression in French or English and ability to work effectively within a team.

The candidate must have a real autonomy, the ability to work within a team, a strong motivation, flexibility in the nature of the work carried out, he/she should be a force of proposals and excel respecting the objectives and the deadlines which are fixed.

Qualifications and experience

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in a laboratory in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, agro-food or biotech industry.
  • Experience in cellular and molecular biology is an asset.
  • Knowledge of Quality Control and Quality Assurance issues is an asset.
  • Bac +3.
  • Good written and oral expression in English.