Our history


Cellectis is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing immunotherapies based on gene edited engineered CAR T-cells (UCART). The company’s mission is to develop a new generation of cancer therapies based on engineered T-cells. Cellectis capitalizes on its 17 years of expertise in genome engineering - based on its flagship TALEN® products and meganucleases and pioneering electroporation PulseAgile technology - to create a new generation of immunotherapies. CAR technologies are designed to target surface antigens expressed on cells. Using its life science focused, pioneering genome engineering technologies, Cellectis’ goal is to create innovative products in multiple fields and with various target markets. Cellectis S.A. is listed on the Nasdaq Global Market (ticker: CLLS) and on the NYSE Alternext market (ticker: ALCLS).

TALEN® is a registered trademark owned by Cellectis Group.

Here are some of our milestones:

1999: Cellectis is founded
To aid in Cellectis’ start-up phase, the Institut Pasteur transfers licensing rights on 9 patent families, including several based on André Choulika's research, enabling the company to establish its own revenue stream from licensing fees and finance the development of its proprietary technologies over the years to come.

2005: Development of a process for the industrial production of nucleases
A turning point in the Group’s history: Cellectis research teams provide proof of the in-vivo efficacy of meganucleases, the molecular "scissors" that enable us to reprogram the genome of any living organism precisely as needed – be it human, animal, vegetable, bacterium, or virus. Genome engineering is born, and with it the possibility to industrialize a once unpredictable, predominantly manual science. Cellectis’ nucleases are a tremendous step forward for researchers, pharmaceutical laboratories, and seed producers alike.

2007: Listing on the Alternext market in Paris
With its impressive patent portfolio and enormous potential for growth, the Group makes a successful initial public offering on the NYSE Euronext Alternext market.

2008 – 2010: Acquisition of technologies and establishment of subsidiaries

2010: Acquisition of all assets of CytoPulse Inc., based in Maryland
The acquisition included Hybrimune electrofusion technology and PulseAgile technology for RNA transfection by electroporation. PulseAgile is now the standard technology for RNA transfection of T-cells.

2010: Founding of Cellectis plant sciences (now Calyxt)

2011: Cellectis acquires exclusive licence to TAL Effector patents from University of Minnesota

2014: Strategic collaboration agreement with Servier
In February, Cellectis and Servier announce collaboration in allogeneic cell therapy to develop and commercialize novel product candidates targeting leukemia and solid tumors.

2014: Cellectis and Thermo Fisher Scientific enter into agreements covering the uses of TAL nucleases under the brand name TALEN®

2014: Global strategic cancer immunotherapy collaboration with Pfizer
In June, Pfizer and Cellectis enter into global strategic cancer immunotherapy collaboration to develop immunotherapies against select targets in the field of oncology.

2015: Listing on the Nasdaq Global market in New York

2015: Research Alliance Advancing Drug Discovery and the Translation of Novel Immunotherapies in Leukemia with Weill Cornell Medical College
In June, Weill Cornell Medical College and Cellectis enter into a strategic translational research alliance to accelerate the development of a targeted immunotherapy for patients with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML).

2015: Preclinical and Clinical Strategic Alliance in Cancer Immunotherapy with MD Anderson Cancer Center
In September, Cellectis and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center enter into a research and development alliance aimed at bringing novel cellular immunotherapies to patients suffering from different types of liquid tumors.

2015: First-in-man compassionate use of UCART19 for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
In November, Cellectis announced that Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and University College London (UCL) will present encouraging data from a first in man clinical use of UCART19, at the 57th American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting in Orlando during the poster session.

2015: Cellectis files first Clinical Trial Application for UCART19, an allogeneic gene edited CAR T-Cell product for hematological malignancies
In December, Cellectis announced the submission of a clinical trial application (CTA) to the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) requesting approval to initiate UCART19 First-in-Human clinical investigation in leukemia in the United Kingdom.